Saturday, 19 June 2010

What Have I been up to? (009)

Been doing a few things recently, so thought I'd show them here. First off is a quarry hunslet body, modified to fit a minitirx chassis. Not the prettiest of things, but will do as an emergency loco. Paint has been touched up now, but the funnel still requires fitting. Now for the pic:

Next is a litle ballast train. I've had a couple of skip wagons built for a while so made use of them. I've converted one to a flat wagon, and added a general open wagon, another to be added to the other end. This rake is permently coupled. Anyway, first a pic of the ballast load:
And the actual wagons: I has also finished, bar couplings, a VoR brake van, weatherd heavily:

Finally a scratchbuilt loco, based on 'Emma' on the WHR (P). This is may first proper scratchbuilt loco, and is going quite well. First this is the 'thing' that powers it:

The back:

The front:

I have also purchased a set of parkside hudson braked bogies to build a coach onto, and a county doengal open wagon, news on this as off when. So thats all for now...............

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