Saturday, 19 June 2010

What Have I been up to? (009)

Been doing a few things recently, so thought I'd show them here. First off is a quarry hunslet body, modified to fit a minitirx chassis. Not the prettiest of things, but will do as an emergency loco. Paint has been touched up now, but the funnel still requires fitting. Now for the pic:

Next is a litle ballast train. I've had a couple of skip wagons built for a while so made use of them. I've converted one to a flat wagon, and added a general open wagon, another to be added to the other end. This rake is permently coupled. Anyway, first a pic of the ballast load:
And the actual wagons: I has also finished, bar couplings, a VoR brake van, weatherd heavily:

Finally a scratchbuilt loco, based on 'Emma' on the WHR (P). This is may first proper scratchbuilt loco, and is going quite well. First this is the 'thing' that powers it:

The back:

The front:

I have also purchased a set of parkside hudson braked bogies to build a coach onto, and a county doengal open wagon, news on this as off when. So thats all for now...............

Monday, 24 May 2010

A trackplan drawn-where will it go?

I have drawn up a trackplan for a 009 layout based on Pen Y Mount on the WHR. Although the title of this blog is Skipton Canal Railway, this blog is for every thing, so this layout (if gone ahead with) will be posted on here :D


Sunday, 23 May 2010


Well, welcome to my blog. Aimly at 009 but anything narrow gauge will appear here.
My name is Jack Sharples and love narrow gauge railways. I have one 009 exibition layout, called Penny Woods, and have some more planned in my head.
Thats all for now...............